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The 10%

What does it do?

Our Structure

Our teacher/volunteer structure is the backbone of maintaining our ongoing community projects. Through our qualified teachers providing professional language classes and other workshops we then have the opportunity to continue with our community work. These passive donations allow for a continuity in funding that makes our work sustainable.

10% of the value of each class goes towards our community projects.

Our teachers also volunteer their time to provide classes and workshops for communities in and around Medellin. We believe in providing the opportunity for everyone to realise their potential and aim to provide some of the resources to help facilitate this change.

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santo domingo student tour

How the 10% is used

We use the majority of funding that has come through our professional classes and workshops to support our ongoing community projects. Most of these passive donations go towards providing resources such as class supplies and workshop materials that help improve the services we deliver.

A proportion of our funding is also used on community-based programs and other ongoing projects. We are guided by our intention to facilitate positive change and foster collaborative learning.

Keeping it simple

As our community work is volunteer-based and our teachers have their own way of supporting themselves there is little need for bloated administration costs.  As a result we have more available funds to use for our projects and your contributions goes further.

However investment in our growth and services is key to our programs success and our real goal of helping people help themselves. We don’t focus on our overhead percentage but we do continually evaluate our programs and do our best to allocate funding to what will encourage the greatest overall benefit.

Check this video of Dan Palotta explaining why the focus of charities needs to change from overhead costs to social benefits for some insight into our reasoning.