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Learn English with photography

A micro-course blending learning English and developing your photography.

At Prime you can learn English with photography over three days of study and practical activities. We want to blend these two art forms together to create a unique learning experience. This course is perfect for photographers that want to practise their English and present their work professionally in their second language.

The micro-course is split into three sections: a theory class in which you practise English structures and relevant vocabulary and prepare a plan, a photo excursion and a revision of the material in which we review the work professionally and create narratives around it. The aims of the course are to learn and communicate in English, take photos and develop photography projects too!

The course is taught by a native English teacher – Casey Breeden

and an English speaking professional photographer – Mariana Mora.

The course is appropriate for students with at least an intermediate level of English and want to use a photographical platform to improve it.

The workshop includes:

  • English vocabulary and grammar building

  • Technical vocabulary teaching

  • A photo excursion

  • A revision of materials

  • Professional portfolio presentation

  • Narrative development

  • Photojournalism

Price of the workshop: $60000

Next workshop:
Friday 4th of August: Theory class
Location: PRIME. 4pm-6pm.

Saturday 5th August: Photo excursion.
Location: San Alejo Market, Plaza Bolivar. 10am-12pm.

Monday 7th August: Photo revision.
Location: PRIME. 6pm-8pm.

This course is important in a globalised world where photographers want to mount their work internationally and will help you take your photography further.

As well as this the course aims towards showing students how they can increase and improve their employment opportunities in their second language going forward.

For more information contact Casey:

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