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Project Description

Private Classes

Learning Spanish with a private tutor can be one of the fastest routes to achieving your personal goals.

At PRIME we offer high quality private classes personalised to your specifications.

We create creative and distinctive clases through the use of games and multimedia, as well as many other topical materials and resources.

Immersive Activities

exchanges, tours, workshops and more…

Native Professors

Spanish native speakers

Dynamic Classes

Engaging and educational content

Charitable Cause

10% helps others

private class with PRIME

The classes include:

  • Flexible timetabling

  • Personalised content

  • Activities and language exchanges

  • Studying at your own speed

  • Resources to improve your learning

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We strive for content in our classes to be continually evolving, providing our students with relevant and up-to-date learning resources.

Prime’s comfortable classrooms provide the perfect environment to study where one can learn in an immersive way.

Individual classes are invaluable for your conversational progression with Spanish and at Prime we create unique personal relationships with our students to help them acheive their goals.

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10 classes

  • save 10%

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