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Spanish Learning

PRIME is a modern learning space where we offer an immersive environment for developing your Spanish. We focus on the use and context of Spanish, designing classes to get you speaking and understanding the language in a natural way.

Spanish sessions are 90 minutes and are provided in Laureles –  a beautiful tree lined suburb in Medellín. The classrooms are equipped with innovative learning resources, including materials for actividades, multimedia resources and our signature whiteboard tables. We teach in a dynamic way, personalising classes to your tastes and needs.

10% of the class value is destined for our community projects.

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Spanish weekly sessions

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classes based on your interests

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Tailor made classes

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Personalised Classes

Learning should be personalised to achieve the best results. Classes with PRIME are adapted to your needs so that you can advance quickly and enjoy yourself during the process.

Engaging Content

We are proud to offer fresh and interesting content to better your learning experience. Improve your Spanish in an immersive way using engaging activities, multimedia and our signature whiteboard tables.

Immersive Experiences

The process of Spanish learning doesn’t only exist in the classroom. We offer unique cultural immersion opportunities with our social projects and other events. Help us, help others in our community English classes, language exchanges and other projects.

Combined Learning

Our platform offers the unique opportunity to strengthen your session learning, offering you the possibility to interact with native speakers. You will be completely immersed in local contexts speaking to people from local communities.

Contribute Passively

10% of the value of each class supports our social projects. This passive contribution helps provide resources for our ongoing community classes and other social projects like our gardens in Comuna 13.

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