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Classes with Prime

Spanish Classes

Studying with Prime is based around personalised, intimate and engaging classes. We customise classes with content tailored to our students interests and goals. We realise that everyone learns in their own way and that classes should reflect each persons manner of learning to achieve the best results.

Prime’s combination of language classes with community projects provides an opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in unique situations and practice languages with people from diverse backgrounds. There are a variety of cultural immersion opportunities available including our language exchanges, dance classes and community tours.

The combined model we use allows for our classes to provide ongoing support for our community projects. While studying with us you indirectly assist the continuation of our community work through 10% of your class value being used to help others learn. Through your assistance we provide a learning and vocational platform for the self-realisation of individuals involved in our community projects.

Why Us?

We understand that learning should be personalised to achieve the best results. We get to know your interests, how you like to learn and tailor your classes to your needs. You can choose to invite friends to class to learn with people you’re comfortable with or we can help place you in a group of people with similar interests to you.

Whether you work in the same industry, are a traveller, study the same degree or just like football we want to tailor your learning experience to your tastes. We do this so that learning becomes interactive and fun and you can learn and talk about what actually interests you.

We believe that one of the best ways to learn is to teach and share. We provide the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in our community projects, practice their Spanish and help others achieve as well. Our community projects provide our students an opportunity to talk to others who are in the same process of learning and work through the process together – helping themselves while helping others.

With our Stairway to English project and Santo Domingo tour we provide the opportunities to engage in casual conversations, language exchanges and other projects to make friends and immerse yourself in Colombian culture. This opportunity allows for the reinforcement of learning  and practice in a more informal and social situation.

When you study with us, we understand the importance of speaking with fluency and like a local. That is why our teachers only teach their first language- if you learn English it’s from a native English speaker; if you learn Spanish it’s from a native Spanish speaker. We want you to learn natural habits from native speakers and not be embarrassed by poor pronunciation.

We focus on keeping your classes personal and economic. Our classes are reasonably priced with the added benefit of 10% of your class costs going to our foundations community projects – we’re not just here to help you learn, we’re here to help build futures. While you study you can feel at ease knowing that your learning is helping others learn as well.

Our maximum class size is 8 people and what you pay reflects the size of your class. The more people in your class, the less you pay. We take this approach because languages are social and learning should be interactive – so why not invite your friends?  When you invite friends or colleagues to learn with you the classes not only become more economic but you also get the opportunity to share the experience with people you know. We can then customise your classes to use materials that you and your friends want to learn about.

If you wish to be more involved you can always volunteer with one of our projects and get the added benefits of informal language practice and cultural immersion.

10% of the class value goes to helping others learn

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