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About Prime

Our Mission

Prime was founded on the principle of allowing individuals to increase control over and improve their personal standing. We aim to not only teach but help others build their own future.

Our unique combined structure provides the opportunity for people to better themselves while passively helping others achieve the same. Whether through language education, cultural activities or social projects we strive to provide an environment that encourages a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and improvement.

We aim to facilitate individuals and groups to identify and realise their aspirations, satisfy needs, and to improve or cope with the situation in which they live. We’re not just here to help others learn, we’re here to help them build their own future.

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How it Works

We work with a unique structure where our professional classes and workshops in the wider community are used to support further educational and social projects for people otherwise unable to access these resources.

10% of the value of every class is used for our ongoing community projects like in Comuna 13.

When you enrol in one of our classes or workshops you help us continue our community work for people that would not normally have access to these resources.


We help you, help us, help others.

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Our Approach

We create a supportive setting that is conducive to improvements in wellbeing and negates potential threats to progress. We help people achieve at a rate and in a manner they are comfortable with.
We actively collaborate with individuals and communities to allow their involvement in all stages of decision making and project planning. This allows for more ownership and control of the projects so that support it continued over time.
We aim to understand the determinants of individuals’ or groups situations to better adapt our projects and classes to their needs and environment. We work with people within their framework to make communication clearer and improvements more inline with their interests.
We try to remove unfair barriers that prevent some individuals’ and groups from improving their education and general wellbeing. We provide classes and projects free of charge to people that normally do not have access to these resources.
We create lasting and effective partnerships with other services and within communities to broaden our projects reach and achieve shared objectives. We team up with people across different sectors and from different backgrounds to create a larger support network and a more holistic support framework.
We engage communities and other organisations across many levels through the variation in our projects and our ongoing partnerships. We understand that we don’t exist in a vacuum and in order to facilitate real change cooperation is needed across many sectors. We do our best to engage and work with other entities to create more universal improvements.
Promote a philosophy of healthy change where we respect and work within the cultural framework to achieve our objectives. We understand that we all don’t think and act the same and sensitivity is required to ensure success.
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